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More than merely a question of format.

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Data Conversion

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Data quality and data security are absolutely crucial when it comes to internal and cross-enterprise collaboration. No one knows this better than PROSTEP's data management team, which has been converting, migrating and transferring CAD and PLM data for over 25 years. We know the rules, all the commonly used CAD/PLM systems and the system configurations of the leading OEMs in the automotive industry and other branches of industry. Our cloud-based service makes sure that your data reaches the customer on time, in a secure manner and with the required level of quality, allowing your engineers to concentrate on what is most important.

The web-based service offers the following advantages.

  • Faster development
    thanks to the flexible integration of OEMs and suppliers
  • High level of process reliability:
    optional approval step prior to data transfer
  • Guaranteed data quality:
    the latest technology is used to convert your data
  • Maximum protection for your data:
    PROSTEP is certified according to ISO 27001
  • Minimal risk:
    you remain independent of your customers' specifications
  • Low costs:
    no software installation or maintenance required
  • Maximum transparency:
    comprehensive logging and archiving of orders
  • High availability: is available to you 24/7
  • No administrative overhead:
    we take care of your CAD/PDM landscape

Data conversion –
more than merely a question of format

  • Automatic conversion without quality assurance is a low-cost option for customers with high-quality original data or for development phases where speed is of the essence. As a rule, the data is made available in the desired target format within a day.
  • During data conversion, the design history and parametric relationships are normally lost, making it difficult to reuse the data in the target system. therefore also offers the conversion of features and parametrics in cooperation with Elysium Inc.
  • We provide customers who have high quality requirements with additional services such as quality control for 3D models and 2D drawings. We adapt your data in line with OEM-specific environment variables, drawing symbols, etc. If errors occur during conversion, we repair the data in the target system.

Data transfer – automatic or manual but always secure

  • As an customer, you can use the highly secure data exchange solution OpenDXM from PROSTEP as a data exchange service with no installation effort. Invoicing is based on low-cost flat rates.
  • Data transfer is performed either automatically via OFTP, OFTP2 via ENX connections via our web portal or manually via the supplier portal of the respective automobile manufacturer.
  • We offer you the option of setting up a company-specific portal with its own URL and your corporate design and connecting your partner companies to your internal IT infrastructure via the portal.
  • All exchange processes are logged and archived together with the associated metadata, thus ensuring that they can be traced even in years to come. Personalized access ensures that your data cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Data migration – we have the experience and the know-how

  • Also take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of data conversion when migrating your CAD and PLM data after deciding to switch to a new system. We provide you with advice regarding the preparations for migration, define the migration objectives together with you and develop the appropriate methods and processes for achieving these objectives.
  • Converting large amounts of data in the shortest possible time is part of our know-how. We create special adapters and pipelines, check routines and automatic repair processes for your migration and define key performance indicators (KPIs) for efficiently monitoring success.
  • We offer a variety of migration scenarios: from a "Big Bang" migration with several terabytes of data to incremental migration right through to on-request migration, which involves converting only the data you currently need. Clearly defined processes guarantee successful migration.

Installation and maintenance – we oversee your CAD and PDM infrastructure

  • We assume responsibility for installing the CAD systems that you need in order to collaborate efficiently with your customers, including OEM-specific initial models, tools for checking data quality, etc.
  • We integrate the CAD systems in your PDM environment in such a way that the CAD data is efficiently managed and optimum support is provided for collaborative processes with your customers.
  • We maintain your system landscape and ensure that you always have the release level that the respective OEM specifies. You no longer need to worry about updates, which reduce your administrative overhead.

Data Service Provider


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CDSP for Ford

  • As a Certified Data Service Provider (CDSP) for Ford locations in Germany and England, we can process the development data from suppliers directly in Ford's Teamcenter environment. We have direct access to Ford's TC databases in North and South America, Europe and China.
  • We search for data in the Teamcenter network for you, export images, drawings and assemblies as JT or CATIA V5 files, convert the data with and without features, create drawings according to Ford's FECDS standard and import all exported data back into Teamcenter.
  • PROSTEP meets Ford's high requirements in terms of know-how and available IT infrastructure. Certification is required in order to be allowed to read, condition and convert data, derive drawings and check data directly into the Ford database.

The best of the best use

Price information offers customers an attractive price model for data conversion and data transfer that is not only less expensive than in-house conversion but also offers them maximum flexibility. When it comes to data conversion, you can choose between three price models depending on quality requirements; in the case of data transfer, offers you two flat rates based on transfer volumes and the number of users or exchange partners, as appropriate.

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