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Data transfer and data exchange as an
external service is the complete solution for automated, reliable, secure and easy-to-use data exchange at your company. allows you to exchange data both within your own company and with your partners without any need for investments in software or hardware, and it can easily be integrated in your system landscape.

Data transfer with

OpenDXM as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

The data exchange service provided by is based on OpenDXM, the established, reliable and secure solution from PROSTEP that is being used by numerous OEMs. You can use our service occasionally and/or for certain customers or use the portal to cover all your data transfer needs. We are happy to customize the portal in line with your corporate design so that it can be incorporated seamlessly into your company's website.

Service levels for data exchange



  • the SME flat rate for invoicing data transfer regardless of partner and volume

Both rates can also be selected as an auxiliary service for data migration and data conversion.

Present "your" portal as a company-specific portal with its own URL and your corporate design.

We are a Certified Data Service Provider (CDSP) for Ford and offer suppliers a service that allows data to be transferred directly to and from the Ford database.

Data exchange with Quality in just a few steps

  • Decide whether you would like to perform data exchange via our Internet portal or directly from your own database (in this case, please contact us).
  • Regardless of who you want to send data to, you use the portal, specify the receiver and transfer the data. The server ensures that the data reaches the receiver. uses OFTP, OFTP2 and ENX connections to the major automotive OEMs to do this.
  • The data is sent as an ENGDAT package and made available to the receiver.
  • The person sending the data receives an e-mail as soon as the data has been sent.
  • The person receiving the data receives an e-mail as soon as the data has been received or made available.
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