CAD data migration - Coping with complex projects

We plan and manage the migration of your data using our experience and know-how

Migrate your data from one CAD system to another using the service provided by We have years of experience with migrations of any size and any level of complexity.

Quickly converting large amounts of data is nothing new for us.
Almost more important is providing competent support and advice regarding the preparations for migration so that appropriate processes, methods and goal definitions can be found.

Individualized migration process

For migration, the conversion processes are tailored precisely to the data to be converted and the selected migration process.

This includes

  • creating special adapters and pipelines
  • creating migration-specific quality tests
  • the creation of automatic repair processes
  • the creation of mapping tables so that the features of the various CAD systems can be fully utilized
  • the creation of key performance indicators (KPI) that are tailored to your migration so that you can effectively monitor the migration of your data
  • collaboration with our PLM team so that migration can be expanded to also include PLM migration

Migration scenarios

We support different migration scenarios:

  • Ad hoc migration involving up to several terabytes of data
  • On-request migration. Only the legacy data that is currently required is converted.
  • Smooth migration. A combination of ad hoc migration and on-request migration for which individual parts can be prioritized.
  • Project-specific migration. You launch your project in the new environment - we prepare the data as required for the project.


With the support of our experts, you can achieve

  • short migration times - we know how reach your goal quickly.
  • low costs for migration as the result of reliable processes and a high degree of automation.
  • a very high level of quality for the migrated CAD data through the use of proven tools and methods.
  • target-oriented and transparent project management with extensive experience (numerous migration projects per year).
  • minimum commitment of internal resources.
  • minimum earnings risk by outsourcing migration.


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