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The challenges of data logistics is the service portal for easy and secure data conversion, data migration and data  transfer.

Take advantage of this end-to-end service package for cross-enterprise data communication and a wide range of reliable services for the secure distribution, customer-specific conversion and transfer of development data in a wide variety of industries worldwide.

The full range of services that offers allows you to outsource all your data transfer needs without having to make any investments in software. You can even customize the portal to reflect your corporate design.

Your solution with

The advantages that offers you

Operational advantages

  • Shorter development times due to the flexible integration of partners, suppliers and OEMs
  • Use of the reliable data exchange solutions OpenDXM
  • Customization of the portal to relect your corporate identity
  • Guarantees process reliability and data security as well as quality assurance
  • Independence from the specifications and guidelines of your customers and partners
  • Support provided by CAD experts with over 15 years of experience in data conversion

Technical advantages

  • State-of-the-art data conversion
  • No software installation, no administrative overhead
  • Use of the latest updates and exchange formats
  • Highest possible level of quality provided for the conversion of your CAD data

Cost advantages

  • Lower operating costs, no contingency costs
  • Long-term stability and reliability of the service with an established partner
  • No investment required for software or hardware
  • Increased cost transparency due to the comprehensive logging of the jobs created

CAD services provided by

The CAD services provided by offer you a wide range of options for exchanging CAD data with your development partners securely, quickly and efficiently.

Use what little time you have for your core business and save yourself the money needed for an expensive infrastructure involving

  • CAD licenses
  • Adapters
  • Converters
  • Data exchange systems
  • Updates
  • Administration
  • Tools for testing the quality of CAD data
  • OFTP systems

and much more.

Accessing the CAD services provided by is very easy:

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