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Premium data conversion from PROSTEP AG.

CAD services -
Our years of experience

PROSTEP AG has been providing CAD services to a wide variety of industries, such as the shipbuilding, automotive and aerospace industries, for over 15 years. Our customers include not only major companies and industry suppliers but also small and medium-size enterprises.

The services that offers provide you with optimum support for

  • Data transfer
  • Data conversion
  • Data migration
  • CDSP for Ford

Make the most of the advantages of outsourcing - regardless of whether you want to outsource all your data exchange and conversion processes or only certain areas.

With your help, we can develop a solution that is tailored to your individual processes.  Regardless of how specific your constraints and requirements are, our experts will almost certainly find a solution for your CAD environment - especially in the field of mechanical engineering.

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Data exchange and data transfer as an external service is the complete solution for automated, reliable, secure and easy-to-use data exchange at your company. allows you to exchange data both within your own company and with your partners without any need for investments in software or hardware, and it can easily be integrated in your system landscape.

The data exchange service provided by is based on OpenDXM, the established, reliable and secure solution from PROSTEP that is being used by numerous OEMs. You can use our service occasionally and/or for certain customers or use the portal to cover all your data transfer needs.  We are happy to customize the portal in line with your corporate design so that it can be incorporated seamlessly into your company's website.

Quality in just a few steps with data exchange using

  • Decide whether you would like to perform data exchange via our Internet portal or directly from your own database.
  • Regardless of who you want to send data to, you use the portal, specify the receiver, and transfer the data. The server ensures that the data reaches the receiver.
  • uses OFTP, OFTP2 and ENX connections to the major automotive OEMs to do this.
  • The data is sent as an ENGDAT package and made available to the receiver.
  • The person sending the data receives an e-mail as soon as the data has been sent.
  • The person receiving the data receives an e-mail as soon as the data has been received or made available.

Data exchange service in detail

Online conversion service for top-notch quality and satisfied customers

Data conversion for all - direct and at any time: With the data conversion service provided by, you can ensure that your valuable project data reaches your customers with a high level of quality and in the correct format. converts an available CAD model (e.g. a 3D assembly or a 3D part, a 2D drawing, an associative 3D + 2D model) into a previously selected target format in an automated process.  The result of the fully automated conversion process is a native CAD model.

Standardized exchange formats such as IGES, STEP, JT and DXF, for which we have special extensions such as extended STEP or extended IGES adapters, are used to perform the conversion.  This allows us to make sure that the converted data has the highest level of quality possible.

We offer two service levels for data conversion:

  • Standard data conversion: The CAD model that has been made available (e.g. a 3D assembly or part, a 2D drawing, an associative 3D + 2D model) is converted into a previously selected target format in an automated process. The result of the fully automated conversion process is a native CAD model, which is normally made available for downloading in within a day.  The price will depend on the size of the model involved (in MB).
  • Premium data conversion: It comprises all data conversion services. In addition, you profit from quality assurance for the CAD models, adaptation of the models to meet OEM requirements, minor repairs to the geometry and flat rates per 3D part/assembly and 2D drawing sheet.
    As a supplement to premium data conversion, we also offer the recovery of associative drawings.

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CAD data migration -
Coping with complex projects

Migrate your data from one CAD system to another using the service provided by  We plan and manage your migration utilizing our many years of experience with migrations of any size and any level of complexity.

Quickly converting large amounts of data is nothing new to us.

Almost more important is providing competent support and advice regarding the preparations for migration so that appropriate processes, methods and goal definitions can be found. For migration, the conversion processes are tailored precisely to the data to be converted and the selected migration process:

  • Creation of special adapters and pipelines
  • Creation of migration-specific quality tests
  • Creation of automatic repair processes
  • Creation of mapping tables so that the features of the various CAD systems can be fully utilized

We support different migration scenarios:

  • Ad hoc migration involving up to several terabytes of data 
  • On-request migration.  Only the legacy data that is currently required is converted.
  • Smooth migration. A combination of ad hoc migration and on-request migration for which individual parts can be prioritized.
  • Project-specific migration. You launch your project in the new environment - we prepare the data as required for the project.

More information about CAD data migration